Saturday, 11 May 2013

Let's get ready to BATL!

I went out for a good friend's birthday last night, but we didn't go out for dinner or dancing. There was no mingling with people I barely new. Actually, there was very little talking at all because we were too busy trying to beat each other in an axe throwing competition. Yes, you read that correctly. We were throwing axes and it was GREAT! 

Our tournament began with a quick lesson and a few practice shots. Learning to throw an axe is pretty easy, perfecting your toss is not quite so simple. You have to consider your aim, your body position, your release and your power. So at first it seems like a piece of cake: hold the axe with two hands, raise it over and behind your head, lunge forward and let that sucker fly! And you do just that, but your axe slams into the bullseye and falls to the floor. Fail! It takes most people a few tries to start getting the hang of it. And once you get the hang of it, it's awesome! 

Check out the ladies throwing 'em axes!
I chatted with Trevor, my instructor for a while and got a little background on this axe throwing business. They've been at their current location for about two years, but had previously been axe throwing in a house! My jaw dropped. Does that sound stupid, crazy dangerous to anyone else? Boy am I glad they found a bigger space. They are even considering opening another location to keep up with the demand. 

Not to brag, but I hit the bullseye.  What! What!

League play happens Sunday through Wednesday and anyone is welcome to come by and check it out. You can even get some pointers from the pros. I think my toss could use a few tips of the trade. 

The deets:
213 Sterling Ave.