Monday, 6 May 2013

Party like it's 60 million years ago, 200 BCE, or 2013. It's up to you.

Here's a sentence I never thought I'd say: "Dude, I had the craziest time at the museum last night!" But I did and you would too if you'd been to Friday Night Live at the Royal Ontario Museum or #FNLROM for all you fancy twitter folk. 

Ok, so here's the deal: For 6 weeks in the spring and then another six weeks in the fall, the ROM turns into a party place on Friday nights from 7-11 PM.  Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? It's brilliant.  Admission is $12 versus the regular $16 , so we're already ahead of the game.  Most of the gallery spaces are open and some of them have bars set up.  Woah, woah, woah! Am I talking crazy, or did I just buy a beer while standing next to a T-REX? No, I totally just bought a beer next to a T-REX.  This is awesome!

But it's not all about getting crunk next to ancient artifacts, although that does have it's own special appeal.  They also have DJs, live music and food venders (Thanks for that delicious brisket sammy La Rivolta). And don't forget, you get to check out all the cool stuff at the ROM.  You know, dinosaurs, mummies, swords... (erm, that's kinda sounding like my last house party)... roman statues, taxadermied animals (I did not have those at my party).

The bars and vendors don't use cash, they use ROM bucks.  ROM bucks come in denominations of $6 and can be purchased at the entrance or one of the ROM buck tables throughout the museum. 

Last Friday was the first one of this season which goes until June 21, 2013.  And to kick off the season, the ROM celebrated the Junos with a very high energy live performance by Jully Black followed by a DJ who kept the party people dancing.  Oh, and did I mention they had a game of pong projected on the museum wall?  Ya, that happened too.

If you're in Toronto this spring, do yourself a favour and check this party out. 

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