Friday, 7 June 2013

My first Thursday at the AGO

Since October of 2012, The Art Gallery of Ontario has been throwing a party on the First Thursday of every month.  Let me guess, you had no idea this was happening?  I was kind of out of the loop too until last night. 

Here's how it works, on the first Thursday of every month, the AGO opens its doors for a raucous party in celebration of art, music and food.  For $12 you get access to the regular collection and get treated to a few fun extras. The event usually runs from 6:30 to 11 PM and there's lots of stuff to keep you entertained if the collection isn't enough. There are also vendors situated along the way to keep you fed and hydrated.

Now, I know that Art Galleries aren't everyone's thing.  They're quiet, and can be a little pretentious, and if you're not really into art then they can be a little boring. I've been to galleries enough times with people I felt like I was dragging along to know.  Put a beer in your hand and some fun music in the background and suddenly you have a fun and relaxed environment to appreciate some beautiful pieces of art.     

The event usually offers a selection of other fun things to titillate your artistic side.  How about a nail art bar in Walker court (the main atrium)? Or karaoke in the Galleria Italia (the new glass enclosure)? There's nothing like hearing someone bellowing the "thong song" in the art gallery.  It's so classy!  

Last night the evening was topped off with a stellar performance by Vag Halen.  This ladies rocked the tops, ahem.... socks off the joint.  It was a spirited and raunchy performance of the old rock tunes my mom had me listening to when I was a wee lass. Their energy was infectious as their sound took over the gallery.  When lead singer, Vanessa Dunn leaped off the stage and on to the crowd we were hooked.  Crowd surfing at a rock concert in the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Who woulda thought?

But if you're one of those people who is just there for the art then there's lots for you also.  You can listen in on talks with some of the curators and get special access to pieces that are not part of the regular collection.  And maybe you can even chat with some one who is new to this whole art scene and bring them over to the art side.  I'm just putting that out there. 

Hope to see you for the next one.  I wonder that they'll have in store for us then? 

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