Friday, 14 June 2013

South Beach in my own backyard?!?!?!

Have you ever gotten up on a Sunday morning, gone for brunch and then wished you were at Niki Beach Miami sipping on one of their outrageously delicious mojitos? I have, a lot. So much so that I've started growing my own mint in my yard.... mmmmm But a party for one in my backyard is not really a party at all.  That's why I'm so happy that Muzik Beach is opening this weekend!!!

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the sneak preview last night and what a delight it was.  Now, unfortunately mother nature did not get her invitation and decided to bless us with a cold and rainy day.  Not ideal for an outdoor fiesta, but it still gave me an opportunity to scope things out a little.  We were treated to a swimsuit fashion show by "white sands" and some super tasty treats by the Food Dudes.  

The set up of Muzik Beach is gorgeous.  They've taken great care to create a great ambiance.  The furniture is modern and comfortable and the white curtains add an element of whimsy and romance.  I can't wait to see them billowing in a gentle summer breeze. Couple that with the serenity of the statues and the water feature and I may have found the perfect place to lie in the sun, listen to some cool tunes and meet some new friends or spend time with some old ones.  Within the walls of Muzik Beach I'll be able to transport myself to a mini vacation just a 5 minute bus ride away.  

Muzik Beach is located in the CNE (accross from Medeival Times) and will be open on Sunday evenings from 5PM to 11PM.  I'm hoping that eventually they'll extend their hours so that they open a little earlier and I can maximize on some fun in the sun. 

Now, how do we get an ocean up in here?