Friday, 26 July 2013

Cabana - It's a pool and a bar

It wasn't long ago that the mention of going to the Docks made me shutter, but after a serious makeover and some re-branding it's actually quite nice over there at Polson Pier.

This year I was charged with organizing our corporate summer BBQ.  And let me tell you, it is no small task to convince an office full of people that "The Docks really is different now", but I did it and I'm glad I did because we had a great time. 

The location is a bit of a pain to get to as public transit is pretty much non-existent, and drinking and driving is bad, so you're options are limited.  But once you convince some one that they REALLY want to be the DD that night or you shell out for the cab, you will be treated with one of the most spectacular views this city has to offer.  Combine that with the awesome weather mother nature treated us to and the setting was perfect. 

We were given a large section to ourselves with big white lounge chairs and couches so we could just put our feet up and relax, which was a really nice break from the hustle and bustle of the work week.  As part of their make-over, they've also changed their menu, thank goodness.  Our event was catered by Daniel et Daniel.  Yum, yum

We were also given entrance to their new feature - The Cabana Pool Bar. They've done a fantastic job creating the setting for a great party here.  It features a pool in the center, surrounded by lounge chairs and cabanas of varying sizes.  During the week, the pool closes about the time the sun goes down - 8PM.  So if you're lucky enough to have a free afternoon this is a great spot to try a tojito.  Have you heard about these things?  It's like a mojito, but with spiced rum and maple syrup.  DELICIOUS! The water in the pool is only 1.2 meters deep and was somehow at the most perfect temperature yesterday when I jumped it. So I had a great very, a delicious cocktail and was splashing around in a perfectly tempered pool; what else could I want? 

Well, that's easy: fewer intoxicated 22 year olds.  I mean, I'm down for a good time and all, but I don't really like to get kissed by strangers or listening to girls shriek.  Nor do I like to hear that there might be remnants of broken glass on the ground from people's drug viles.  The creators of Cabana were hoping that the high cost of entrance were hoping to deters the young party crowd, but that doesn't really seem to have worked.  Maybe this needs to be rethought a little.     

So, just keep your flip flops on for now and have a great time! I hope to see you dancing on that center pool podium in the near future.