Monday, 15 July 2013

Candles that look like lamps? FUN!

All of this warm weather is really making my think about my outdoor space as an extension of my indoor space.  This has led to a little bit of an obsession on my part to outdoor lighting. 
It started with solar powered twinkle lights and tea lights and has blossomed into solar Chinese lanterns, coloured solar lights and solar spotlights.  So when I spotted these crafty beauties at a second hand shop, I couldn't resist.  Maybe it's because they reminded me a little of Gatsby, and Gatsby is sooo in right now.  I'm not sure.  In any case, this is how they work:: There is a spring in the base of the candle holder.  You place your tapered candle on the spring in the base and as the candle burns, it gets pushed up by the spring, providing you with a beautiful glowing light.  They only trouble was that that they were this super shiny bronze colour.  ICK! And just like that, a Sunday morning project was born. 

What you'll need: 
Metal sanding paper
Indoor/outdoor spray paint (I chose pistachio green)
cardboard or scrap paper to use as a background so you don't get spray paint everywhere

Let's get started:
1. Disassemble the candle holders
2. lightly sand with metal sand paper (you're just trying to create some roughness for the paint to stick to)
3. Set up a spray painting zone in a well-ventilated area. 

4. Spray paint
    Some tips: apply the spray paint in light even coats.  This means that you can't hold the spray can too close to the object.  If you're too close or apply too much at one, you're sure to get an uneven finish with drips.   
5.  Let it dry
6. Assemble

 I am really happy with the way these turned out.  Now all I have to do is throw a Gatsby-sized fete.