Thursday, 18 July 2013

Timberlake and JayZ. The odd couple?

I gotta tell you, I was SUPER excited for the "Legends of Summer Tour" with Justin Timberlake and JayZ.  Like, I got all dressed up with my suit and tie excited.  I have been secretly rapping along with Hova for a really long time and had not yet had the opportunity to see him in concert.  I had seen Justin once before at "Sars Stock" (remember that?) and I hadn't really thought about going to see him again until this opportunity popped up.  Seven years is a long time between albums buddy.  

In any case, we arrived at the Rogers Centre in a wave of eager fans.  The excitement was almost as thick as the humidity in the air.  We were ready.  We headed down the aisle to our seats and caught our first view of the stage.  It was an enormous red multilayered compilation of steps, video screens and speakers. And over those speakers the opening DJ was fantastic, spinning lots of old school hip hop beats.  

After an hour long warm up it was show time! YES!  The show began with both artists on stage doing bits and pieces of both some new material and some old favourites and I was a little skeptical that this was how the entire show was going to go, but then it quickly turned into Justin hour.  Did JayZ go for a nap? I'm not sure, but he was gone for a long while.  

The light show was phenomenal and JT sounded awesome! His voice did not waiver at all and I was really impressed with how long he could stay in his trademark falsetto.  I mean, who does he think he is, Prince? And while is voice sounded great and he demonstrated is musical talents, his performance came off a little flat.  With the exception of the scorned by Britney songs (cry me a River and What goes Around), those were awesome. But there was no big flashy dance routine and it almost felt like his stage pressence wasn't big enough for a stadium, as though he couldn't break through that fourth wall. 

And then JayZ came out and the Rogers Centre was electric. His bigger than life  persona is pretty much the only thing that's going to make this tour anything close to "legendary".  Even the two Justin fans next to me got excited when JayZ would come back on stage and they had no idea what was going on.  And for me, that's the magic of a live show.  Making new fans of folks who wouldn't ordinarily seek your music.   With JayZ, hands were in the air waving like they just didn't care and our diamonds were in the sky.  Ah, finally! Oh no, that was just a tease.  It's back to Justin for a while again. 

The lights got dim and the lighters (these days, cell phones) came out and lit the
stadium. It was oddly beautiful.  Then it was time to close the night off just as it had began, with both fellas on the stage.  This time wearing their suit and ties with champagne flutes in hand. They seemed pretty proud of themselves.

I had a good time and if I were a big Justin fan, I probably would've had a GREAT time.  If you're just going to see JayZ, I would hold off and wait for a JayZ concert.  You'll be disappointed with how little Hova you get in this show. 

Upcoming Tour Dates: 
July 19              New York, NY                     Yankee Stadium
July 22              Chicago, IL                          Soldier Field
July 26              San Francisco, CA             Candlestick Park
July 28              Los Angeles, CA                 Rose Bowl
July 31               Vancouver, BC                   BC Place Stadium
August 4            Hershey, PA                       Hershey Stadium
August 6            Detroit, MI                         Ford Field
August 8            Baltimore, MD                  M&T Bank Stadium
August 10           Boston, MA                       Fenway Park
August 13           Philadelphia, PA              Citizens Bank Park
August 16           Miami, FL                          Sun Life Stadium