Monday, 23 September 2013

Queen West Arts Crawl

At the beginning of every September there's a sense that as the days begin to shorten, the temperatures start to cool and school and business get back in the swing of things that the fun is over.  But that's not true at all.  The beauty of living somewhere that has four seasons is that each season has it's own special charm.  As the leaves start changing colour a new picture of the city is painted creating the perfect backdrop for some artwork of our very own.  

Now in it's 10th year, The Queen West Art Crawl took over Bellwoods Park again this past weekend.  With over 250 artists, food vendors and live music is was a festival for the senses.  How many art galleries do you know that let you walk around with pulled pork sammies and a bag of popcorn while catching some much needed rays?   Not many I'd assume.

As you approach the Queen St. side of Trinity/Bellwoods park, you are greeted by the sight of hundreds of white tents that house many marvelous treasures. With so many artists, there is bound to be something for everyone.  Whether you like photography, painting, jewelery, sculpture or puppetry, you're likely to find at least one piece that tugs at your heart and your purse strings.  

Having said that, you're probably going to want to get there early.  The Art Crawl seems to get more and more popular every year with crowds of art lovers sauntering through the tent-lined paths.  Get there too late or hesitate too long and the piece you really wanted might already be under someone else's arm. I hate when that happens!      

And if you're more nocturnal and not so into spending your day in the park, the art crawl has something for you too: The Parkdale Nightcrawl.  During one evening during the festival, a number of Queen West Galleries open their doors not only for you to to view their collections, but to get you involved in the creation of art.  I love me some audience participation! 

So whether you're cruising for inspiration, looking to get your creative juices flowing or are interested in supporting some local artists and getting some local art on your walls, shelves or person, you're bound to find that here.  And if not, there are always good tunes and delicious treats. Now if only we were always sure to have Mother Nature co-operate, we'd be all set. 

Painting by Richard Ahnert :

Ok, ok, I know you can't take the suspense any more.  Here's a look at what I picked up this weekend: