Wednesday, 9 October 2013

David Bowie is....

David Bowie is something different for everyone.  For some he's that guy married to supermodel Iman, for others he's a symbol of freedom from gender roles, a great musician, Jareth the goblin king or maybe he's just that guy with the funny eye.  

About 15 years ago my friend and I waited outside of MuchMusic headquarters to get a glimpse of David Bowie, so it's no surprise that we were thrilled to hear that a collection of David Bowie memorabilia was being shown at the AGO. The exhibit spans over two floors with over 300 items on display and uses different media to tell the story of David Bowie. Be sure to pick up the audio guide head set before you head in. The exhibit won't be the same with out it.  I mean what would an exhibit about a musician be without the music, right? 

Seeing as how we were there on the first weekend the show was open, the AGO was crazy!  Even with timed entries there was a wicked long line to get into the show and even when you were in, it was hard to get a glimpse of anything in that first room.  I think the patrons are in part to blame for this as they would stand in front of something even though they had already seen it so that they could stay lined up.  It was strange.  Hopefully, things will work themselves out a little more in the coming weeks. 

My favourite part of the whole exhibit was the costumes.  Oh, the costumes! Blue ones, black ones, red ones, gold ones; costumes made of netting, frills, plastic and fringe.  They were spectacular! But if you're not into the costumes, there's lots of other stuff too.  My partner in crime was enamored with the posters.  And I'm pretty sure the music buffs were pretty stoked to see all of the hand written sheet music and lyrics.  I think that there's something in this exhibit for everyone no matter what your taste or previous knowledge of Bowie.  But maybe wait until the crowds subside.  That's what I plan on doing before heading back for round two. 

Oh and be prepared, you'll walk out of there singing, "Ground control to Major Tom...." 

Sorry I couldn't resist, it's been stuck in my head for days.