Thursday, 17 October 2013

No sleep 'til Brooklyn

On this trip we decided to do something that none of us had done before: cross the bridge over into Brooklyn.  And we didn't just go to Brooklyn, we rode the N Train all the way to the end of the line.  Last stop, Coney Island.  

The train ride from midtown to Coney Island takes about an hour and you pass through stations which show all levels of maintenance and desolation.  About 3/4 of the way through the ride it feels as though you are passing through a forgotten part of town as there is hardly anyone on the platforms that look as though they could crumble at any moment.  We even started to question whether or not this adventure was worth the trip. 

When we finally arrived at the Coney Island stop, which is actually quite nice, the sun had set and we were starving.  Lucky for us, Grimaldi's pizza had just opened down the block. Unlucky for us, they were so new that they did not yet have their liquor license in place.  In any case we enjoyed a wonderfully cheesy, thin crusted pie.  You know, like the kind you see in the movies about New York.  It was delicious and just the fuel we needed to take us through a fun-filled evening in BK. 

We headed out to explore Coney Island, which is more of a time capsule than an amusement park.  Nothing is new, but everything appears to be well-maintained.   We were actually a little surprised by its popularity.  There were lots of folks strolling the boardwalk, going on the rides and trying their luck at the carnival games.  We didn't actually go on any rides, we just wandered and soaked up the atmosphere.  I imagine that it's quite a fun place to visit during the day when the sun bathers are all out on the beach.  By night there are lights on everything in the fair.  I'm pretty sure you can see it from space. 

By this time we were getting pretty thirsty so we headed over to Williamsburg to meet with some friends for a little dancing.  This was our first experience at The Woods. The music was fun, the people were friendly and the drinks were delicious.  Apparently the pickle shot is the thing to have, but the thought of that turned my stomach, so I stuck with a blueberry lemonade. Yum!After having gone to a number of Manhattan clubs, the laid back and uncomplicated vibe in this joint was just what we needed.  People weren't afraid to dance like no one was watching and they weren't too shy (also read pretentious) to say hello.  And when you're overheating on the dance floor, you can step out onto their outdoor back patio for some fresh air and a snack.  It was just a good ol' fashioned good time. 

We would've been happy to stay there the whole evening, but we were also there to experience other things BK had to offer, so we walked over a few blocks to Tender Trap.  Tender Trap is small, sweaty and just a little bit grimy and it's perfect.  If you like hip hop, this is where you're gonna want to be.  If you like girls twerking on the bar in little more than bikinis, this is also where you'll want to be.  And if you're just looking for a place where you can get a shot and a beer for six bucks, you guessed it, this is where you want to be.  It's definitely not as jovial and high energy as The Woods, but it certainly has its own charm. 

And no successful night out is complete without a visit to a food truck. mmmm.... tacos.  We grabbed our snacks and headed towards the water to enjoy a spectacular view of Manhattan.  From here the city looks calm, quiet and serene, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what it's normally like.  But I guess at 5 AM, it's quiet just about everywhere.  Thanks for the great time Brooklyn!