Monday, 7 October 2013

Oktoberfest ist wunderbar!

Unfortunately, not everyone can make the trip to Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest.  For those of us who have to stay in town, it's a little tricky to find an authentic party, but I did and I'm going to let you in on my little secret. 

Every year we attend the Oktoberfest celebration in the back room of The Musket restaurant in Etobicoke.  It's the closest thing to a real Oktoberfest you're going to get in the city.  The cover charge is $10 dollars and you will be treated to live music and lots of German drinking cheers and chants.  So, start rehearsing "Ein Prosit" and brush up on your waltzing skills, you're gonna need 'em. 


There is no shortage of beer, but this party seems to be more about celebrating German culture than it is just about never letter your beer mug be empty.  They offer a special Oktoberfest menu to settle your appetite for German fare.  Sausages, Schnitzel and Apple Strudel, oh my! But if you're really hungry and really brave, I suggest you opt for the Pork Hox: a deep fried chunk of pork.  Go big or go home, right?

After polishing that bad boy off you're going to want to take a nap, but it's probably best to work off some of those calories with a little dancing.  Every year a musical guest is invited to perform at the event.  This year we had the musical stylings of three very enthusiastic lederhosen clad men.  They were really fun to watch and got the people dancing.  

It's an interesting mixed crowd at this event as the guests range from small children to grandparents.  If they've got them, the men are dressed in their lederhosen and the women in their dirndl. It's really fun to watch them as they waltz across the dance floor and if you're lucky someone may even ask you to join them.

Oooo, and there are prizes, so many prizes!   And they're good too.  Someone at our table won a gift bag and inside it were sausages, beer and a beer stein to keep the party going.  

If you decide to join us next year be sure to arrive a few minutes early so that you can stop in at the bakery next door.  It smells so amazing, you won't be able to resist so you'd might as well just plan for it. 

Until next year,