Monday, 7 October 2013

Whiskey 3 Way

It's the first ever Toronto Cocktail Week, and I'm excited because who doesn't love a good cocktail?  No one I know.  So, this is the perfect opportunity to grab a few of your best buds and head out for a proper drink.  You know, instead of drinking shitty vodka sodas in a equally shitty nightclub.  (secretly, I actually enjoy vodka sodas in a dance party).  Cocktail week is more about the experience of a well made cocktail and the craftsmanship that goes into it. 


Lately the taste of whiskey has been exciting my taste buds, so I thought that I'd head out there and learn something about it at the WHISKEY 3-WAY SHOW.

We were greeted by some lovely ladies who were made even lovelier by their generosity as they handed everyone a drink ticket and six food tickets. Ok, so maybe they weren't that generous. It did cost us $50 to get in here. I know that 50 bucks sounds steep, but hear me out. After your first cocktail, all other cocktails will cost you two tickets, that's $4.  For four big ones you get an incredible libation from a top bartender that would normally run you from $12 to $16 in a bar.    So when you do the math, it doesn't really seem all that expensive.  Because let's face it, you're not just going to have one.  

Furthermore, a $50 ticket deters a lot of 19-year-olds from attending and turning the whole thing into a frat party, so that's nice.   

There were bars set up all around the venue with a different brand of whiskey and a featured bartender at each one.  From each bar you had the option of ordering a Manhattan, a Whiskey Sour or the "Bartender's choice".  You know, "Whiskey 3 way".  We tasted a lot of different varieties of whiskey and lots of interesting mixes.  The most inventive was probably a cocktail that used a smoking technique, but we also sampled some with banana, rosemary, ginger beer and peppercorns... not all in the same glass.  

And what would a party be without some live music?  Not much of a party at all, I'm afraid.  The organizers of this event figured that out too and so they treated us to some live music.  The sounds of New Orleans and the taste of bourbon; a perfect match.