Monday, 11 November 2013

I'm a fraidy-cat and I went anyway's no secret that I do not enjoy scary movies, slasher films or anything that makes me want to curl into a ball, cover my eyes and have someone rock me to sleep, but I love special effects.  Go figure! So even though I hadn't seen any of the films being featured in the Cronenberg exhibit at TIFF, I was really excited to check it out.  

The exhibit was really well curated with lots to see and different ways to interact.   The exhibit features earlier low-budget films and has many relics from his more famous Hollywood wonders.  There are scripts, set-pieces, prosthetics, costumes, sketches, maquettes and props on display to get your imagination going. And if like me, you have no real reference point, the exhibit also includes a brief synopsis of the films and some video clips.  

Be sure to take a peek in the drawers as there a few treasures in some not so obvious places.  

In the small room annexed to the main gallery is an exhibit on the film, "Naked Lunch".  This room has some pretty awesome stuff in it, including a life sized bar where unfortunately no drinks are being served, but they do have a life-sized Mugwomp photo booth set up.  Cost: FREE with admission to the exhibit. The images are instantly emailed to you. 

So now that you've seen all the weird "surgical" equipment, aliens, bugs, and other "things that make you go hmmm", you discover that the fun doesn't stop there.  There's a small photo booth across from the gift shop that melds your face with that of Cronenberg's if you dare.  You can access this even if you decide not to enter the exhibit. 

You can also visit the 4th floor gratis where you can get information on
They have changed this gallery into a 3D printing lab for a pod that you will create online.  You will be asked a series of questions and your answers will determine the final shape of your pod.  The project includes three phases which culminate in January when you can pick your pod up at TIFF. 

I missed out on the Tamagachi craze, but you can bet I'm getting in on this.  I'll be sure to post my final project when the exhibit ends in January.