Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Winter Solstice in Kensington Market

We've all noticed the days getting shorter as we seem to be traveling to and from work in the dark these days.  It can be kind of a drag to feel like you're one of the mole people living in total darkness until you decide to celebrate the longest night of the year instead of sulking about missing the sun.  Every year the Kensington Market community gathers to make lanterns, parade through the market and have the whole event culminate in a drum circle around a giant bonfire. 

Now in it's 24th year, the event has grown significantly, but has still been able to maintain its non-commercial, handmade quality which is very rare in today's society and as a result, somewhat of a novelty.   The event highlights Native Canadian story telling, music and dance.  It also encourages audience participation, so you are welcome to bring a lantern, drum or costume of your very own.  You'll have way more fun if you dance along and it'll keep you a lot warmer too. 
The parade begins at 7:00PM at Oxford and Augusta and will lead you to some wonderful story-telling and a giant bonfire at Alexandra Park. Remember to bundle up before heading out.  

NB: You're not allowed to make smores in the fire.  Just saying.