Tuesday, 11 February 2014

It's Party and Bull$hit with a side of Ice Cold Dranks

Ever experience something truly awesome and want to tell everybody about it but then catch yourself because you're worried that it'll get too popular?  I do.  I hate it when Toronto Life writes about my favourite spots in the city.  They're never the same after that.  But I'm writing this blog and I can't let my party people down, so here it is: 

I've reached the point in my life where I don't really care for the ceremony of night life that has plagued this city.  I do not want to wait in line to watch one person at a time get admittance to a half empty night club.  It's cold out here and I just want to have a drink and get down with my homies.  Enter the crew from Family Business .  They throw a monthly party at The Shop under Parts and Labour called "Party and Bull$hit" and a jam they call "Ice Cold Dranks" at the Crawford. 

If you like hip hop, old and new and aren't afraid to get a little buck (read sweaty) then you have to check them out.  There is no fuss.  They want to have a party, you wanna have a party and it's really as simple as that.  So lace up your Jordan's, Tim's or Chuck's and get out there and dance.

Here's a little somethin', somethin' to get you in the party mood.  The next Party and Bull$hit is coming March 22nd.