Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Trampoline dodgeball, really?

Photo credit: Jessica Douglas Photography
Yes, really.  I don't know who thought to put these two things together, but I'm  glad they did.  It could've been bad, like season 5 of Full House when Michelle combines tuna and ice cream bad, but this experience will definitely not leave that weird aftertaste in your mouth.  Promise.

(Disclaimer: if you eat a giant meal before trampolining and throw up in your mouth a little, that's totally on you.  I am not responsible for that bad taste in your mouth. Why would you do such a thing?) 

The rules are simple. Jump on trampoline, throw ball at opponent.  The jumping on the trampoline was my favourite part.  Whipping the ball at you best friend was pretty much ever guy's favourite part. Did I mention that there are trampolines on the walls? 'Cause there are and they're awesome.  Regardless of which aspect of the activity you're most drawn to, what it boils down to is a wicked fun time. It's fun and it's also hard work.  I'm told 1 hour of trampoline dodgeball burns 1,000 calories.  Which is fantastic because you're so distracted by the game to notice how much you're sweating, how tired your legs are getting or how hard you're breathing.  

There are a few crucial things to note: If you go Sky Zone on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon there will be kids there.  Lots of them.  And they scream. A lot.  I mean, I get it, it's wicked fun.  I secretly wanted to shriek with glee too.  Saturday evenings there's a 16+ crowd.  I'll let you decide if you'd rather listen to children of teens.  (Listen to me turn into a grumpy old man)  There aren't any change rooms.  There are just small washrooms which you have to share with the afore mentioned high on fun and sugar kids.  But, they do give you some pretty fashionable orange trampoline socks.

At the end of our hour, our referee blew his whistle and off we went onto solid ground.  Walking feels really funny after having been on a trampoline for an hour, and jumping, forget about it.  It feels like you weigh a tonne.  

We were tired, thirsty and ready to get away from screaming children.  Lucky for us, the Amsterdam brewery is just next door.  We got there just in time for a brewery tour where I tasted malt for my first time (I think I'd rather drink 'em) and complimentary beer tasting.  Obviously, the tasting is the best part.  I think the 416 has bumped the blonde out of my top spot.  Give'r a taste and let me know what you think.  I can't wait to be sipping that bad boy on a patio sometime soon. And if you get a little ahead of yourself in the tasting department, there's a burger joint just around the corner.  

And just like that you've regained all the calories you just burnt off on the trampoline.  That's life.