Friday, 4 April 2014

A day at the races

The weather is finally getting warmer and you and your friends are looking to do something outdoors with minimal exertion.  You could opt for an afternoon at the Woodbine Race Track. 

Before we headed out to the track I had this vision of that scene in "My Fair Lady" of everyone chatting while sipping tea in their fancy outfits.  Enter the enthusiastic Eliza Doolittle. In our scenario, I think we all played the roll of Eliza with our fancy hats and all our shouting. 


A couple of things to note before to go. 
1- The track is TTC accessible.  It's not the best of trips, but it'll get you there
2- the regulars do not dress up and wear fancy hats
3- the regulars do not cheer for their horses
4- minimum bet is two bucks and you don't have to know anything about horse 
racing (sometimes it works when you pick the horse based on how funny its name sounds)
5- The lovely person at the information booth will coach you through how to place your bets
6- you get to scope out the horses and the jockeys before the race if you're looking to make an "educated" wager