Monday, 2 June 2014

Beer Bath in Prague

When someone first mentioned taking a bath in beer I had flash backs to my beer-soaked undergrad years.  Once I got over the nausea, I thought that this could actually be a pretty awesome experience and a great story. Beer has been around since the 7th century BC, so it's taken on many different uses over the ages.  The beer spa experience dates back to the middle ages and boasts many benefits towards healthier skin and shinier hair.  So, nothing at all like the beer experiences of my early twenties.  

I made my way through the Old Town Square in Prague and past the Church of Our Lady of Tyn to a clearing which revealed the Bernard Spa.  I headed down the stairs and was greeted by Teresa who would be looking after me for the next hour and a half.  I changed out of my clothes and into a bed sheet.  Apparently you shouldn't towel off after your beer bath as your body should have a chance to soak up all the nutrients when you get out of the tub. 

I walked into a dimly lit room with two tubs where Teresa was waiting for me with a bowl full of a secret mixture of hops, yeast and other magical beer goodness that she poured into the tub.  It was then followed by a good helping of beer bath oil.  At this point Teresa set the timer on the jets and left me to soak for half an hour.  30 minutes of quiet relaxation and all the beer I could drink.  From the tap, not the tub.  Gross. The trouble is that while you're in the tub there isn't much else to do but drink and refill your glass so it's easy to get a little carried away.  And I have to admit that I was a little nervous to stand up for the first time.

Each tub is intended for a party of two (the cost is almost the same for one as for two people), but seeing as how I was solo-tripping, I had the tub all to myself.  Actually, it was kind of nice to be able to fully stretch out in a tub.  At 6'1", it's not often that I can get all of me soaking at once. 

When my time was up, the jets stopped and Teresa came into get me and led me into another room where she treated me to a 20 minute massage.  After all the walking I'd been doing for the previous two weeks, I asked that she focus on my weary legs. When the massage was done she swaddled me in warm blankets on a heated bed to make sure that my muscles were indeed relaxed and that my skin had absorbed all of the beer benefits. Ten minutes and another beer stein later, my time was up. 

The treatment will leave some tiny white fibers on your now super soft skin, which you'll have to fluff off as you're not supposed to shower for at least 12 hours after your treatment.  I would suggest you do like I did and just keep the beer flowing at the local pub.  When in Prague...