Thursday, 5 June 2014

Burger Week!

The warm weather makes me think of barbeques and barbeques make me think of burgers, which meant that it was about the time for me to once again indulge in Toronto Burger Week: five days dedicated to over forty of the city's tastiest and most inventive creations, burger style. 

My first nibble was at Boots & Bourbon Saloon for their Black & Blue burger, which is a standard on their menu.  However being Burger Week, they were offering up a snack size version for five bucks.  The burger was pretty tasty, but if you ask me, it's hard to go wrong with blue cheese and fried onions.  And because the burger was "snack sized", we figured we should probably get the pulled pork poutine to go along with it.  The poutine was decadent and gooey and would've been perfect with a lighter hand on the salt shaker.  The bad news is that you might have missed Burger Week, but the great news is that you'll be able to find both of these items on their regular menu. 

The cocktails are on the regular menu too and they almost stole the show. Veronica almost couldn't believe her eyes when our server planted "The General Lee" in front of her.   It's kind of the caesar of the evening with it's beef jerky stir stick. If you like a spicy caesar, I would highly recommend this bevvy.  If you've into something a little more suave, might I recommend the way-too-easy-to-drink "Grandma's Texas Lemonade" which literally disappeared from my glass.  The fairies must have been stealing sips when I wasn't looking.  So I took things up a notch when I ordered  the "Rusty Albertan" and all of its maple and ginger goodness.

After all of that turf, I was ready to sample a little surf on my Saturday afternoon walk along Dundas West with a stop at the Happy Hooker. I had a seat just outside their small restaurant and enjoyed their panko crusted tuna burger. The tartar sauce was the perfect condiment to this sandwich.  I also appreciated that as an homage to the "Little Portugal" area the Happy Hooker is located in, they have a fridge stocked with Sumol (it's a fizzy orange drink that all Portuguese kids grew up with). 

Burger Day: I was unable to attend Burger Day at Old Fort York and judging by all the hoopla on social media, I would surmise that with a $20 entrance fee and $3 sliders, it's not the best bang for your buck.  It may be something for the organizers to look at for next year's event.  But there's lots of time before next year's event for them to get organize and for us to find the perfect pair of stretchy pants.