Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dundas West Fest

In only it's second year, the Dundas West Fest has created quite the buzz and it's not hard to see why.  With a growing sense of community and what seems to be a new place to "kick it" opening every week, Dundas West from Ossington to Lansdowne has a lot to celebrate and maybe even show off a little. The street festival takes that long stretch and closes off to traffic and opens it up for celebration. 

I started my full day of festivalling with a little outdoor yoga with the good folks at Studio Blue, a recent addition to the Dundas West community.  It garnered some interest from the other local business and kids out for an early morning walk with their folks. Which was great because in a traditionally Portuguese neighbourhood, there hadn't been that much yoga going on in the past.  

I spent the later part of my morning and early afternoon exploring the two kids' areas with my favourite 2 1/2 year old who really enjoyed the handmade puppets and puppet show put on by the local home schooling community.  He even scored himself a balloon shaped into a sword.  There were quite a few other activities for the little ones to participate in including dramatic readings, interactive art and face painting.  As this community continues to change and grow, I imagine that the kid-friendly areas will only continue to develop. 

But if you don't have to chase after children at the festival, there's tonnes of stuff for grown ups to enjoy.  There were numerous stages set up along Dundas West where you could most certainly hear whatever kind of music you were in the mood for and maybe even stop in for a dance lesson or two.  I think I've totally aced the Kizumba basics. And you know those aforementioned new bars and restaurants, well they had extended outdoor patios and had set up take-away food stations. The chorizo nachos at the Dock Ellis scored huge points with us.  We ate the first one so quickly, we had to order a second. And with all that eating, we had to wash it down with something, so we also sampled a few signature cocktails and drink specials.  These cucumber grape lemonades were the perfect refresher on Unlovable's sunny patio. 

At 11 PM, the guardrails started to come down and the patio chairs got brought in.  Thank goodness there are so many places to tuck into for maybe just one more drink. 

Mark Saturday June 6, 2015 on your calendar for next year!