Thursday, 26 June 2014

Great Heart Festival

Now in its fifth year, the Great Heart Music Festival drew quite the crowd to Trinity Bellwoods park this weekend. NXNE can be exhausting and hectic so having the opportunity to roll out a picnic blanket and catch some rays with your best buds to the sweet sounds of some acoustic tunes is a really nice way to slow things down a little.  

The performances run from about 2 - 6:30 for four days with each band being given about half an hour to play.  This is great because in a relatively short period of time you get to hear many different artists and get to have a little chat with your friends between sets.  

Because it's an unplugged show, it can be a little difficult to hear so get there early if you can and get as low into the dog bowl as possible.  You can park your bike off to the side of the "stage" for more seating on the hill.  We'd also discourage you from talking through anyone's set.  It can be hella distracting to everyone around you. 

Miss this year's festival? You can watch performance highlights here.