Thursday, 19 June 2014

Reggae, of a different colour

In the welded labyrinth known as the Cross Club in Prague, I came across many things on my voyage up the stairs, down the narrow hall and past the sketchy guy with the head tattoos, but none more surprising than the live Czech reggae concert on the main floor.  

There are a few important things to note about the Cross Club. First, it's a little out of the way.  Second, it's a very cool looking place; like a tree house made out of scrap metal.  Third, you have to put down a deposit for your beer mug.  Fourth, you probably don't want to make the same mistake I did and wear sandals.  Closed toed shoes are definitely a better option for sticky floor situations.  And lastly, it's a really good time even if a little puzzling at first.  

I think I'll work from the bottom up.  The lowest level of the Cross Club is a lounge made up of metal worked banquettes and works of art suspended from the ceiling.  It's an aggressive looking space that actually lends itself well to sitting down for a chat with your buddies.   

The next level is reminiscent of an underground tunnel with a curved ceiling and exposed brick walls.  At one end of the space you'll find the bar and at the other: a DJ booth which resembles what I imagine a neon submarine from space would look like.  On the night I was there they were playing some pretty crazy electronic music with trumpet accompaniment and there were lots of very uninhibited dancers, which always makes it easier to get in the spirit of things. 

Up another flight of stairs and we found ourselves on the outdoor patio: a two story metal playground. It happened to be a little cold and drizzly the night we were there so the patio wasn't very crowded, but it's probably buzzing on a warm summer's night.  

Just half flight of stairs more and through the door and we found ourselves in yet another open space, this time with a stage.  And on that stage were reggae artists, Czech reggae artists, singing in Czech.  It was weird at first to hear reggae in a different language, but once I got over that it was actually pretty awesome. The crowd was really into the performance and it turned into a pretty awesome dance party.

Check the listings at the Cross Club before you head out because they have different performers and DJs all the time and if reggae is an option, I highly recommend it.