Monday, 23 June 2014

The Food Diaries: Germany

Before heading to Germany I had a fairly limited knowledge of the deliciousness that awaited me.  Well, except for beer.  I knew that I would be drinking lots of beer.  But we can't survive on beer alone, so here's my list of grub to try the next time you find yourself in Germany.  

If you're out sightseeing and need a quick snack, grab a pretzel on the go.  They are delicious plain, salt or cheese covered and go great with a cold beer.  Dare I say that they are better than the New York pretzels? 

Let's say it's 3AM and you've done a number on a bar tab and are looking for something to soak up all that boozy goodness.  Stop for a doner (Haligonians can stop rolling your eyes, you don't have a monopoly on doner).   There is a big Turkish presence in Germany and they've been generous enough to share what has become the perfect après-bar snack. 

I visited two German cities on this trip and each one had their own "must taste" list. 


Everyone will tell you that you HAVE to eat a currywurst while in Berlin.  And I if it's the thing to do, you should probably check it off your list.  I did.  It's as simple as a sausage covered in a curry flavoured ketchup.  Easy. Delicious. 

If you're going to be in the Kreuzberg area, and I highly recommend that you are, you'll have to make a stop at Burgermeister.  It's a small stand under the bridge outside the Schlesisches stop on the green line.  You can't miss it because there will be a large crowd of people anxiously awaiting their super delicious super messy burger.  I was so excited to taste on of these that a followed a Dutch girl there, ate with her and never bothered to ask her for her name. Apparently when I'm hungry I have no manners. 


Frankfurt is a little bit of an unknown to many travelers as it has a reputation for just being a "business" city.  But even if you're there on business, you've still got to eat.  So here are some things to keep you going.

Handkäse, um... Hand Cheese is a local sour milk cheese that is often served as an appetizer or snack.  It is served with chopped onions and caraway seeds and is often eaten with bread.  It has a really strong smell and a vinegary taste, so be warned that not every palette will be able to appreciate it.  

I arrived in Frankfurt just in time for the Green Sauce festival.  Green sauce is an egg and sour cream based sauce that has a special blend of seven herbs.  Which seven herbs?  Well apparently everyone has their own recipe and those are ancient family secrets.  So don't worry so much about what goes in it and just enjoy it with your eggs, potatoes or meat.

After all that good eating you'll need something to wash it down with.  You could have a beer or you could sample the local Applewine and top it off with mispelchen.  

When you head out to Atshel with your buddies be sure to order up a bembel applewine to share.  And order a bottle of sparkling water while you're at it.  Applewine isn't as sweet as it's cider cousin so you'll have to dilute it a little.  I enjoyed to applewine , but after n glasses it started to get a little too acidic for me and I was happy to switch things up. 

Mispelchen is a fruit brandy that is served with the medlar fruit in the glass. The idea is that you eat a little bit of the fruit and drink the brandy to bring out all of the flavours.  I thought it was pretty smooth and quite enjoyed it.  

And of course you should try the schnitzel, pork hox and sausages that Germany is known for,  but you already knew that.