Monday, 25 August 2014

The Food Diaries; Pete's Tavern NYC

Cheese burgers and french fries; you can't get much more American than that, but sometimes it's hard to find a good one, so let me point you in the right direction.  In this case, it's Pete's Tavern near Union Square Park.
We arrived in New York in the morning and headed straight for the shops near Union Square Park.  After doing some serious damage at DSW and Nordstrom Rack, we needed to refuel.  Shopping is hard work!

We headed a couple of blocks away from the park to Pete's Tavern. An awesome pub with a small patio perfect for catching a little sun and soaking up the NYC atmosphere.  All the pictures of Johnny Depp hanging outside the bathrooms suggest that he likes it too.  

Our burgers were delicious! We asked for them to be cooked to medium and they were perfect with just a little bit of pink on the inside.  They were also big, juicy and flavourful, just as they should be.  There's a cheese shop just across the street, so you can bet the cheese was super tasty too.  And if the burger and fries doesn't send your calorie counter into a tizzy, they've also got some local beers on tap. YUM-MY!