Monday, 29 September 2014

Christie Antique Show

I've suddenly reached the point in my life where driving to an antique show at 7:30AM on a Saturday with my parents sounds like a good time.  When and how did this happen to me? (please tell me that you're asking yourself the same question; I can't be the only one going through this mini identity crisis)  In any case, if this sounds like a good idea to you too, here's what you're getting yourself into. 

This being my first time at the Christie Antique Show, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I had been warned that it gets busy, really busy.  The show opened at 8AM and we arrived at around 8:30 to a line up of cars on Hwy5 and traffic being directed by OPP.  OK, so maybe it's a little popular.  Then I noticed signs that said that the shuttle bus from the parking lot was free.  You have to take a shuttle from the parking lot?  What is this, Disney? Luckily, because of the rain there weren't too many other early birds and we managed to get a spot within walking distance of the gate. 

Entrance to the show is $10 per person, which might sound like a lot to walk around and look at old stuff, but just think of the bargains and the super fresh cinnamon sugar mini donuts (treat yo self!).  Thank goodness for the treats 'cause the deals didn't end up being that spectacular, even in the rain.  Some guy wanted $700 for an old beat up (small) piece of pine furniture.  Buddy, I can tell you that it's never gonna happen.  I don't care how thick your story is.  You could've told me it belonged to Champlain, I still wouldn't have taken it. 

Where the deals could be found was on smaller pieces and nick-nicks.  There were lots of neat little treasures just waiting for someone to take them home and display them proudly.  I scored a few fun pieces myself: 

I'm still looking for a few more pieces, so if you know where I can do a little treasure hunting, let me know. The Christie Antique market happens twice a year: once in May and again in September.