Monday, 8 September 2014

Flooring on a budget

A sequence of perfectly timed events led me to a much wanted basement makeover, which then also spilled into another bathroom renovation.  More on that another time.  My basement was covered in some pretty gross linoleum tile which I couldn't wait to get rid of, but my budget was not huge and by not huge I mean really small.  Gimme a break I'd already done one bathroom renovation and traveled twice this year.  So where do you go in Toronto when you need flooring on the cheap?  Well, it turns out that I've got a little secret and it's hiding at Runnymede and St. Clair.

So here's the deal; sometimes contractors over-buy for projects and have lots of material left over after a job and they need to get rid of it.  When that happens, they bring their materials to the Excess Flooring Clearance Centre (416-766-0550) so that you can buy it for half the cost.  SCORE! They carry both laminate and hardwood flooring and have a pretty good selection.  Most laminate ranged between $1.00 and $1.40 a square foot while hardwood was about $2.20-$2.50 a square foot.  

There are a few catches though.  If you have a huge area to cover, they might not have enough stock to cover it.  As I only had 335 square feet to contend with, this was a breeze.  When they get low on a particular stock, they sell it as a lot, which means you'd have to take the whole batch even if you don't need all of it.  They also don't except returns, so if you over-buy you're stuck with it. 

I showed up at opening one Saturday morning and 15 minutes later we were loading the car with my new floors.  With all the merchandise and prices on display and a helpful and knowledgeable staff it's easy to make a decision.  A pleasant shopping experience and a great deal, what more could you want?!