Monday, 15 September 2014

Spa Day in Budapest

Going on vacation often also means doing lots of walking.  Your muscles and your feet get tired and sore and you start to feel a little cranky.  That's why I think a week into a trip is the perfect time to spend the afternoon at the spa.  

To be honest, our first instinct was to attend a sparty (a spa party) on the Saturday night, but thanks to some serious thunder storm action we opted to wait for a sunny Sunday afternoon to attend the Szecheny Spa in Budapest.

It cost us 4300 FT, or about $20 CAD for an all access pass to the pools and a locker. Entrance and lockers are all controlled by a wristband, which eliminates the need for pesky keys.  There are attendants in the locker rooms to help you if you get stuck, but essentially all you have to do is find an empty locker and hold your wristband up to it.  The simplicity of this process was much appreciated. 

I changed into my bikini and headed to the outdoor pool area.  In we got, and there we stayed for nearly three hours.  We briefly explored the inside baths witch we found slightly crowed and noisy due to all the echo and with perfect weather it was hard not to be outdoors. So we enjoyed a beer and headed back into the outdoor pool. 

There is a pool designated for swimming, but we opted to make friends in the stand-and-chat pool.  After three hours, we had worked up an appetite, our fingers had gone all prune and our skin was super soft.  It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon and recover from the previous day's caving adventure