Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I went to the spa and I floated

I seem to be treating myself to more trips to the spa this year.  First it was an outdoor spa in Budapest, then a beer spa in Prague and now a float spa in Toronto.  Maybe I'm getting fancy or maybe I'm just getting old and need all the help I can get.  Whatever the reason, I'm totally down for a little pampering and relaxation these days.  

We partied like rock stars on Saturday night and arrived at the H2O Float Spa for our 10AM appointment the next morning feeling less than good about ourselves. A wicked hangover and sleep deprivation will do that to you, but the salt bath we were about to get into was supposed to mimic four hours of sleep and cleanse our bodies of toxins.  We needed this. 

We were given our instructions and led into our private rooms where we would float the pain away for an hour. The bath is loaded with 1200 pounds of epsom salts, so floating is a breeze.  For a busy body like myself lying still for an hour is really difficult unless I'm sleeping, and I couldn't fall asleep in the tub, so I just floated and waited for the hour to be up.  It was boring and not particularly relaxing and I didn't feel like I had caught up on four hours of much needed sleep. 

Once my hour was up, I had a shower and headed back to the change room where a tangerine, ginger tea and bottle of water were waiting for me.  The idea is that by drinking a lot of water after the treatment, you can wash all of the toxins away. 

It didn't cure my hangover, but it's been a few days now and my skin and my hair are still super soft, so there's that. I might have to try it again when I'm feeling like a normal human being instead of a total disaster.  The H2O float spa may not have had a chance.