Monday, 24 November 2014

Guys, Girls and the Toronto Marlies

My sis and I were born and raised in Toronto, which for most of us also means being born into Leaf Nation.  But hello, Leaf Nation you're paying inflated prices to see a team that hasn't come close to winning a Stanley Cup in well over a decade.  So I've decided not to give them any more of my moolah for them to squander ( I swear that's it for my whining) and have turned my attention to the Toronto Marlies. Who knows, one of these kids might get to raise Lord Stanley's cup above their heads in the near future and you could be that person screaming that you saw them when.... 

But Friday night wasn't just any night, oh no, it was Guys and Girls Night Out and that meant $5 beers.  Holla! 

So here's the thing: the tickets were affordable,  the hockey was exciting, the beer was cheap and the Timbits hockey during intermission was adorable. Everything you'd want from a night at the rink, right? So where the heck was everybody? Seriously hockey fans, we've got to get our game in check and support our local team.  

I could go on about their awesome dance team and fun intermission games, but I'm pretty sure I sold most of you at HOCKEY + CHEAP BEER = FUN