Monday, 17 November 2014

Hip Hop Karaoke

Sometimes ladies' night means stilettos and mini dresses and sometimes it means jeans and high top sneakers.  We went with the latter and nodded along with the folks at Revival for Hip Hop Karaoke

On the third Friday of every month you can live out your rap dreams with the folks at Hip Hop Karaoke.  There are only two rules: 1- You can't say the "N" word 2- No Freestyling.  And since there are no monitors with cheesy videos and floating words, that means that you've really got to know your stuff.  Like, you've been practicing in your room with your hairbrush since last month to get your song right.

The thought of not having the monitor is scary, yes.  But, it's also what makes this event really awesome.  The audience and the performers are both engaged without a screen to keep them apart.  This means what you get is a raptacular concert! Also, there aren't really that many places to sit, which means that you'd might as well just get on out there to sing along and dance. I mean, it's a party y'all!

Hip hop as a genre is dominated by male artists and I'm always impressed by the women who get up on stage at Hip Hop Karaoke.  When they get on stage they're loud, tough and in yo face. So put your vaginas in the air, it's gonna be a great show.