Monday, 12 January 2015

The Food Diaries: Langos in Hungary

After a long hard day at the outdoor spa, you'll find that you've worked up quite the appetite.  So you'll be happy to know that the Hungarians have created a bready, cheesy and garlicy treat called Langos, which happens to be just the thing you need.  

You're probably wondering what these delightful things are.  It's quite simple actually.  It's a fried dough that's a lot lighter and airier than a doughnut, which is then smother in garlic sour cream and topped with a very generous layer of cheese.  I could hear my arteries clogging with each bite.  It's a good thing I had the sound of gulping my beer to drown it out. 

You'll find langos stands throughout Budapest.  I can only imagine how good this would be after a night out.  You know, to get that layer of grease to protect you from all the alcohol. 

What's your favourite hangover food?