Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Adding lights to a flip top vanity

For Christmas this year I got just what I wanted.  A new cordless drill for all of my DIY projects and a flip top vanity for my boudoir.  I had been doing all of my primping sitting on the floor so this really felt like a monumental step into adulthood.  I excitedly rushed home, assembled it, re-upholstered the seat to match my room and then sat down for my close up.  Trouble was, the level of brightness in my room is perpetually set to romantic and I couldn't see what I was doing.  The liquid eye liner disaster that ensued proved that this just would not do. I needed a solution.

A little online searching and an open mind and I figured it out: LED flex tape. I got mine from The Home Depot.   It plugs in, has a sticky back and LED means it won't get so hot that I start sweating and all of my make-up melts off! 

Installation seemed like it would be really easy, but the sticky wasn't that sticky and it's a little stiff to get around the corners.  Nothing a little clear packing tape couldn't fix.    

Now I can do all of my primping with less squinting, which means fewer wrinkles and more instances of being asked to show my ID.  Heck yes!