Monday, 9 March 2015

How to Survive an Event Solo in 3 Steps

I wasn't supposed to be at this thing solo.  I was supposed to roll in with my colleagues - a dymanic trio,  Then they got stuck in a meeting and I had to go alone. EEP! Flash back to the fifth grade when everyone was in on the joke except for me.  But I mustered up some courage, got in a cab and headed off to the party. 

I arrived to a sea of chatty people munching on some beautiful hors d'oeuvres and sipping on complimentary wine.  I wanted to be one of these people, so I harnessed my friendliest energy and walked in.

Step 1: Get a glass of wine.  You'll start to feel like part of the crowd for just participating in a communal action.

Step 2: Scan room for anyone familiar.  It's easier to start up a conversation with someone vaguely familiar than with a total stranger.  Consider it your warm up.

Step 3: Taste the food.  Firstly, it gives you something to do.  Secondly, it can be your conversation starter " Have you tried the________?  It's fantastic!" Boom.  Conversation rolls from there. And I promise, after the first random conversation the others will come a lot easier.  Especially if you go from one glass of wine to two.  

Just as the party was winding down, my colleagues arrived and were impressed that I had gone it alone.  I proved to them and myself that I could do it. I even had a little fun.