Monday, 30 March 2015

Planning a kick-ass bachelorette party

When you're the "party girl" and you're in charge of planning the party people are expecting big things from you, but when you're planning the party for someone else, it's important not to forget that this shindig ain't about you.  So if you like paint ball, but she likes ballet, you're going to have to suck it up.  Lucky for me, my little sis and I aren't that diametrically opposed, so planning something that she would enjoy came rather naturally. 

I asked her for a few details: date, guest list and a list of "don'ts".  At this point we've been to our share of parties and wedding-related events so she knows exactly what she does and does not like.  And since this day is about her, I'll have to respect that.  She's a terrible swimmer, so mermaid classes will just have to wait. 

Sara's always been an inclusive person so when she gave me a guest list of twenty women, I wasn't that surprised.  How do you plan an event for 20 women that everyone is going to enjoy and will make the bride feel special when she doesn't want the traditional feather boa and matching tiara ensemble?  I started with a short list of my sister's favourite things and then thought about how I could put them all together. 

Cooking ClassI decided that I would arrange a cooking workshop and dinner at a local restaurant.  The good folks at the Depanneur set us up with a great space and connected me with a chef that would be a good fit with Sara's palette.  This way I could cater the cocktails and the menu to something that she and her guests could enjoy.  As an added bonus, it allowed me to budget.  I knew exactly how much everything was going to cost before the party.  

An activity like a cooking class was also a great ice-breaker.  It gives your guests a common place from which to start their conversations that can then flow with ease.  Personally, I prefer this to awkward party games that rarely result in any good mingling.  Also, the best shenanigans often come from a certain level of comfort and camaraderie and we definitely wanted shenanigans to ensue.  

We topped the night off with some enthusiastic dancing by us, not some dude in a yellow G-string. (He was on the don't list) If you like 90's hip hop as much as we do, be sure to check out Revival's Nostalgia party.  It's off the chain.