Monday, 20 April 2015

Cavalia's Odysseo

The last time I was in the big white tent, Drew Barrymore was cool so it was high-time I went back.  Cirque du Soleil has been so influential over the past decade and a half that it has changed the way we view "circus" and the way that we think about acrobatics today.  With multiple shows in Las Vegas and many years on tour it was important for acrobatics shows not to get stale.  And although Cavalia and Cirque du Soleil are not affiliated, it's easy to see the influence the Cirque has had.  But I mean, Cavalia added horses, so take that.  

Odysseo was crazy good. The set was impressive, the horses were beautiful and the acrobatics were jaw-droppingly good: the musicians were hidden in the trees on either side of the stage, a carousel descended from the rafters and at the end, the stage was flooded to create a pond.  And if that wasn't enough, the backdrop of the set is a large screen, the size of three IMAX screens which changes as we move through the story of Odysseo. 

The horses were amazing.  The opening scene had the horses on stage alone.  They hit their marks and performed a routine, which from the audience appeared not to have any ques or commands from the trainers.  It was magical.  Some of the performances with the horses were also thrilling as the riders flung themselves from running horses, flipped themselves backwards on the saddle and one brave fellow even crawled down one side of the horse and came up the other.  I'm pretty sure I held my breath the whole time it was happening.  

The acrobats defied gravity.  Two days later and my brain is still having difficulty understanding how those tricks are even humanly possible.  Mind blown.  The tumblers were fearless and provided some high-energy relief throughout the show.  I'm pretty sure the smallest one has never uttered the words, "I'm scared".  He climbed to the tops of their pyramids and held onto a running horse to gain momentum for a tumbling act.  It was insane. 

We went to the show as a family outing, which can sometimes be tricky since my dad is a notoriously difficult man to impress.  I'm happy to report that he spent the whole show on the edge of his seat, grinning from ear to ear.  The show is not necessarily budget friendly, but if you've been saving your pennies and want to treat yourself, I would highly recommend it.  The folks at Cavalia have worked really hard to put on a FANTASTIC show.