Monday, 6 April 2015

Crafts for those special bachelorette touches

So, you have a great idea for a party.  You've picked the venue and finalized your guestlist.  GREAT! But now you have to come up with all those little things that are going to take your event to the next level.  For a bachelorette party, getting those things together usually involves some sort of penis paraphernalia and lots of pink.  But not this time folks, oh no, we're breaking the mold.   

She has chosen a blue and white colour scheme for her wedding, so I thought I'd carry that through to the bachelorette party.  The party was hosted in a rustic/ kitchy space so I also wanted to keep all of the small touches in-keeping with that casual vibe.  

We held a cooking class and dinner so I started with a hand-painted apron for the bride-to-be, which protected her outfit from getting dirty and gave her a take-home souvenir. 

We also provided lip and mustache accouterments for our guests' straws that doubled as drink tags. They were super easy to make as I just cut lip and mustache shapes out of card stock, punched a hole in the middle and fed a bendy straw through.  I used a small piece of clear tape to make sure everything stayed put. 

Fun signs for photo ops: 
These were super easy to put together and made for some really fun photos at the party.  I just cut shapes out of black card stock and scribbled on them with white marker.  I then attached a coffee stir stick to the back with hot glue.  

Hand-painted vases made from bean cans: 

Winter is for making chili, and apparently I made a lot of it, because I was able to collect quite a few bean cans for this project.  I washed the cans and gave them a light sanding using a metal sand paper before painting.  I had some of Martha Stewart's craft paint left over from another project, so I just used that. Spray paint would be GREAT for this. I also wrapped them in a piece of ribbon, held on with hot glue. 
And a hang-strung garland made from strips of paper and blue rope.    

If you don't have a paper-cutter, this project is going to make you wish you did.  I tool regular 8.5X11 sheets of paper and cut them length wise in varying sizes.  I used zigzag craft scissors on some of them to add an extra dimension.  I them folded the paper in half and with a dollop of hot glue, secured the paper around the rope.  It was an easy, but very time-consuming project.    

When all of these elements came together, our guests couldn't help but tell us how "cute" things looked.  Lots of smiling faces made it totally worth the effort.