Monday, 27 April 2015

Masquerade is French and so was this event

In the fall of last year I was introduced to AperoChic: After work socializing with a French touch.  I was a little intimidated because my French isn't that great and even though their group page welcomes non French speakers, I didn't totally believe it.  Luckily, my apprehensions were all in my head as usual and I enjoyed a wonderful evening.  I hadn't been to another event since then until they unveiled their plan to host a masquerade.  Being a big fan of Halloween and therefore almost any occasion to wear a costume and a huge supporter of open bars, I took haste and purchased my ticket.  

The rules were simple: wear black and bring a mask.  I contemplated just re-using my mask from Sleep No More, but was encouraged to wear something a little more festive. So in true Stuff and Places form, I made one.  

Earlier in the day, we received the party details via email.  We were to go to an address and enter a code at the door.  We were intrigued and a little skeptical.  Could we trust the good folks at Aperochic? 

As it turned out, they had uncovered a beautiful new social club. It had a wonderful boho chic feel with velvet curtains, crystal chandeliers and a hand painted pool table.  The wine flowed, the cheese was passed and the volume increased as English and French conversations filled the space.  


I was so pleased to see that everyone embraced the theme of the event and we were treated to some very beautiful masks.