Monday, 13 April 2015

Yoga Conference and Show

There was a time when in my head yoga was synonymous with two things: 1. India and 2. hippies with flowery pants and dreadlocks.  As it turns out, yoga is a lot more universal than I had originally given it credit for.  I even rather enjoy it.  However, I'm not what one would consider a "yogi" like my soon-to-be yoga instructor friend.  So when she asked me to accompany her to the yoga conference and show, I was a little intimidated. Like, do I have to wear spandex? 

Thankfully, the answer was "no".  

There is the option to participate in any or all of the classes they have scheduled over the three days, listen to talks, check out the latest in yoga gear, or as the yogis put it: "Live, Love, Laugh, Sample, Sip, Shop, Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate"

If you're looking for a new bag for your mat or some colourful yoga pants, there is an abundance to choose from.  We spent a good amount of time shopping for crystals.  There were also demonstrations on yoga trends like surfboard and suspension yoga. What was the show missing? Samples.  We were expecting to taste some yummy post-yoga treats, or at the very least, take home a goody bag. 

The show was also missing an overall feeling of zen.  I didn't participate in any of the classes, but I imagine it's had to stay focused in the middle of a bazaar with the person next to you on their phone.  

But, I did find the hippies with dreads and flowery pants.