Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Making a Mask for a Swank Masquerade

I confess; sometimes I just want to go to the store and buy something. I find myself thinking of all the time it would save me.  But then the horrifying idea that someone will show up wearing the same thing occurs to me and I inevitably resolve to create something of my own.  And of course since I was going to make something of my own, I was going to make something that most people hadn't seen before: a half mask fascinator. 

I took a short-cut and bought a plain white mask from a craft supply store and cut it in half.  I then attached it to a piece of felt with some hot glue.  I then made a mixture of white school glue and water and smeared it all over the mask.  I left it on a curved form over night so that the mask would take a similar shape to my head.  

I started by adding feathers with a hot glue gun.  I worked from the bottom of the felt to the top.  Once the feathers were on I added the glitter.  Lots of glitter.  I painted on some white glue with a paint brush and sprinkled glitter to my heart's content.  I let that set overnight and then covered it with a layer of transparent gesso.   I wanted to be sure that all of the glitter wasn't going to fall off during the course of the evening.  The gesso will dull your glitter, so you'll have to apply another dusting of glitter over top.  

I sewed a hair comb into the top part of the felt to attach the fascinator to my head.  I then used spirit gum to make sure that the mask lay flat on my face.