Monday, 11 May 2015

Painted Tiles - Azulejos

My sister is getting married. 
My sister has lots of great crafty ideas for her wedding. 
My sister has little patience for creative endeavors. 
My sister has an arty big sister and a very talented best friend.  So we painted tiles, a lot of tiles. 

My sister wanted to draw on our cultural heritage for the decor of her wedding. Portugal is known for having beautiful blue and white painted tiles called azulejos.   

We decided that the best way to incorporate these would be to paint tiles as the table markers on each table.  It sounded easy enough, but ended up taking us a great deal of time. 

What we used: 
6" square tiles 
Martha Stewart's multi-surface craft paint
paint brushes
a lot of time
an oven

How we did it: 
1- Create a pattern/stencil. We wanted each tile to be able to stand on it's own and also be part of a bigger pattern when they were all put together.  This took us some time to figure out.  We ended up with a stencil that we would repeat on each corner of the tile. 

2- Paint. This paint was a little tricky to use.  It was difficult to spread and left many streaks. What we discovered worked best was to apply a thin coat with a damp brush, remove the stencil, let it dry and apply a second coat free hand. 

3- Clean up the edges. The paint can be scraped off the tile, so we armed ourselves with toothpicks and straightened up and wonky edges.  

4- Add the details. With our basic design elements in place we then added a little more dimension and sparkle to each tile. 

5- Bake.  

6- Add cork backing.  We wanted her guests to be able to take these tiles home and use them, so we added cork to the back of each tile.  Now they can be used as trivets.