Monday, 8 June 2015

Field Trip Music Festival

This story begins like many stories from generations past.  I met a guy in a bar.  We got to chatting and before I knew it, I had an All Access wristband for the Field Trip Music Festival and the possibility of re-connecting with this kind stranger backstage.  It all seemed a little odd, and wonderfully mysterious, so I put on the wristband and headed to the festival.  

I wandered aimlessly for the first hour, exploring the grounds, VIP lounges and backstage tents.  I had a drink and a snack from one of the many Food Trucks at the festival.  The organizers did a great job.  There was great flow between the areas, it was easy to get food or drinks and they had things to keep the kids entertained while also allowing alcohol throughout the festival.  This hula hoop pit was a great success.

Life backstage: 

I've watched Almost Famous more than once and wondered if backstage life was anything like it.  Would I meet a "Penny Lane"? But the vibe backstage was pretty calm and subdued.  The musicians were mulling about chatting and having a few drinks.  It was nothing any more raucous than a regular weekend barbeque.  All I wanted to do was take photos of EVERYTHING, but I wanted to look like I fit in, 'cause you know, you gotta be cool. But I could hear people asking who I was, because as it turns out, everyone in the music biz knows each other and I was an outsider.  

But, not to worry, I found my kind stranger and now had a friend to watch the show with. He was pretty pumped to see the headliners, "My Morning Jacket". He even arranged with the tour manager for us to be the only ones behind the stage as the band performed their pre-show huddle.  It was pretty special.  We then watched their set from the side of the stage.  WHAT?!  I could barely even believe that this was my life. 

My Morning Jacket, Father John Misty, Dan Mangan
My Morning Jacket, Father John Misty, Dan Mangan

To Q-Storm, who will probably never see this and I might never see again, THANK YOU.  This was the best kick-off to the summer a girl could ask for.  You rock!