Monday, 22 June 2015

Junction Solstice

Solstice, when the sun just keeps on shining! 

Remember December when you left for work in the morning and it was dark out and then you left work to come home and it was dark again and you felt like a mole person? Well, that seemed like a distant memory this weekend as we celebrated the longest day of the year and it was glorious.

With so many festivals happening in the city this weekend, it was tough to pick just one.  So, I didn't.  But I saved the later part of Saturday for the Junction Solstice Festival.    It had the two main ingredients necessary for a successful festival:  Food and Music.  What it did differently was that it kept the street open to traffic.  One lane of traffic was blocked on either side of Dundas West for patios, but the cars continued to zoom by. 

This decision had its pros and its cons.  The good thing was that traffic wasn't totally paralyzed in a city that is already plagued by gridlock.  It's hard to keep track of road closures in the summer time with all of the road repair and neighbourhood fiestas.  

But there were a few things that weren't so great about it too.  Like, who wants to be in the middle of enjoying a juicy burger on a patio only to have a car that is in desperate need of a mechanic put-putting next to you? Nobody.  It also made it difficult to enjoy things on both sides of the street.  You had to wait for an intersection before you could find a break in the guard rails and by that time, you'd probably already been distracted by something else.  

The music was super fun.  The Tupperware Remix Party managed to gather a huge crowd as they closed on the festival and it's pretty easy to see why. 

Their bass player is a lion.  I'm just sayin'.