Monday, 15 June 2015


For the most part, I take advice from Pumba and Timon and "leave the past behind" me, but every now and again I get to thinking about what happened to so-and-so?  And with that in mind we hosted our own mini high school reunion.

High School feels like ages ago and like yesterday all at the same time.  I still live in the same neighbourhood and still see three of my best buds on a very regular basis.  Which I guess could mean that we REALLY like each other or we were too lazy to make new friends.  I like to like it's the former.  But what about the other girls?  We have each other on Facebook, sure, but Facebook isn't real life.  It's the wonderful glossy version or the pity party that you post for everyone to see. It's not real life and when you've already shared puberty, first loves, broken hearts and your first drunk girl moment you're in a safe zone of honesty.  

In the 15 years that have passed since I graduated high school, I've changed.  I'm not the pixie-haired alternative rock girl who spends ALL of her free time in the gym.  That being said, I still listen to a lot of rock music and am dedicated to my fitness, but I've gone to University, traveled, made new friends and purchased a home, which makes me a bonafied adult, or so they say.  

Everyone of us has had are own path.  The first one of us to get married was 24 at the time, three are now married with children and two are living with long-term significant others.  We all have varying degrees of education and career ambition.  Would we still have anything in common? I was nervous.  

It took me until one of the ladies came out with one of her catch phrases, "What is she gonna do, scratch?", that I realized while EVERYTHING was different, it was all the same too.  We just wanted to enjoy each other's company, laugh, eat, and talk about boys, although I guess they're men now.  

We held our small soiree in the Wine Cellar at Enoteca Sociale, which was perfect because the food was delicious and we could be as loud or quiet as we wanted to be.  We weren't being distracted by other patrons in the restaurant and didn't have to mind our volume levels.  It also reminded me that no one else wanted to share a room in the cafeteria with us either. 

Thanks for all of the great memories and laughter.