Monday, 20 July 2015

How to fall in love with PanAm in 10 days

For the last six months leading up to PanAm, I only heard how it was not going to work from the media.  Nay-sayers complained of inevitable grid-lock, poor attendance and half-completed venues.  Well, the games officially started 10 days ago, and guess what?  It's actually been really great.  

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Check Yo'self

Every time I announce that I'm going on a trip by myself, I think I give my parents something of a panic attack.  They suddenly become hyper-concerned with my safety and my surroundings.  And yes, when you travel to an unfamiliar place you should definitely be cautious.  I believe that most people are good: they want love, respect and joy, but there are some serious wrong-doers out there, so you've got to keep your senses keen. 

Where is all this blabbering headed? Well, it's the set-up for the story of Monday night in the city. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


For ten days in June, the city is transformed into a canvas, a stage and a street party all rolled into one.  It's called Luminato. Artists from around the world were brought to our fair city to enlighten, inspire and entertain us.  There were many ticketed concerts and theatrical experiences available, but there were also many free community events.  

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Sick Kids All-Star Gala

Like many Torontonians, I can think of more than one story where Sick Kids helped someone I love.  So when an opportunity presented itself to help them whilst looking my best and sipping a cocktail, I signed right up for the All-Star Gala. The Gala featured live entertainment, a silent auction and a few local sports' celebrities.  It lured young professionals with an open bar and a chance to get up close with some Maple Leafs.  I suppose the hope is that one day when these young professionals are big-wigs, they'll have a few extra donation dollars to send Sick Kids' way.