Tuesday, 7 July 2015


For ten days in June, the city is transformed into a canvas, a stage and a street party all rolled into one.  It's called Luminato. Artists from around the world were brought to our fair city to enlighten, inspire and entertain us.  There were many ticketed concerts and theatrical experiences available, but there were also many free community events.  

I attended two of these events held at David Pecault square.  The first was Orchestra Karaoke where audience members would get on stage and sing along as the orchestra played pop hits.  Words were projected on a few screens so that everyone could sing along.  Performances ranged from good to "wait a second, is there anyone around who can help?", but it was all great fun. The mayor even got on stage to serenade us.  It was.... enthusiastic. You can catch a glimpse of his performance on my Instagram @stuffandplaces. 

Less than a week later, I was back at David Pecault Square on an evening too chilly to fool me into thinking I was in the Caribbean regardless of how sweet Kobo Town and Aurelio Martinez sounded. It's a good thing we had all of that dancing to keep us warm and delicious drinks from Parts and Labour to keep us hydrated. 

I had a few other events penciled into my calendar, but I'm embarrassed to say that unfavourable weather kept me away. I promise to make up for it next year, and you should to. If you're on a modest budget there's lots to see and do for FREE and if you've got a few extra dollars to spend, there's a whole art world to explore.