Monday, 14 September 2015

Majestique Montreal

I did not find this place in my last minute Montreal research, I found it the old fashioned way, by walking by.  We were having one of those days when you don't know what you've been hankering for and this place happened to be the perfect place. 

Majestique is located on Boulevard Saint Laurent and is the perfect eclectic mix of random trinkets, delicious food and super friendly staff. The beer is served cold and the food is served tapas style on grandmas old plates.  Your cutlery will be sitting in an old maple syrup can at the side of your table.  The casual vibe in this place caused us to under estimate how insanely delicious dinner was going to be. 

We shared three plates.  One that featured bacon, another with salmon and finally a quinoa croquette with hummus.  All of them were spectacular, but the croquette was my favourite as it was the most unlike anything I had ever had before.  

The staff was even nice enough to jot down a few suggestions of places to go to burn off a few of those extra calories or to enjoy another beer or two.  I've included that list here, but be warned they are for a young 20-something crowd.  I guess that night cream must really be working.  

Bon Appetit!