Monday, 21 September 2015

Montreal makes great cocktails

I am a huge fan of cocktails.  I like them served the old fashioned way and I like tasting the new and inventive mixes of today.  I like it when they taste like summer and I like it when they taste like I should be sitting in a leather club chair smoking a cigar.  And this is starting to sound a lot like Dr. Seuss. Must be the cocktails talking 'cause Montreal has a lot of 'em and we were on a taste-testing mission. 

First stop: Kabinet/Datcha 

This is an interesting spot  that's really two bars with a walk though with a crowd in their early 20's.  Entrance was three dollars.  The first room is DARK, like you're going to end up in a drunken make-out with someone and legitimately not know what they look like dark.  If that's your thing, this is your spot.  If it's not, just follow the light to the other side where you'll find a tiny cocktail bar.  There are three tables and six bar stools - tiny.  The house music was pumping and the dranks were flowing. I highly recommend the Rasputin - Russia's favourite love machine. Let's carry on... 

Just around the corner there's a totally different vibe.  Sparrow is a classic looking resto/bar playing your favourite Motown hits and serving up lots of delicious treats to sip on.  It was a super relaxed vibe perfect for having good conversation with good company. The bartender is attentive and knowledgeable without be overbearing.  Being in this place also made me feel like a grown up again, so that was nice. The Boulevardier was my bevvy of choice and it was a perfectly balanced cocktail.

A comprehensive cocktail list with photos, so if you don't want to read, you can pick your cocktail based on how pretty it looks.  I am totally supportive of this selection process.  The vibe in this place was fantastic.  The music was fun, the crowd was lively and the bartenders were great to watch.  I sipped on my Monk-Y-Tonk, chatted with the bartenders and even winked at a few locals.  This is a great place to meet with your friends for a cocktail of two to start off your night with a great injection of fun. 

Pull up a seat and adjust your reading glasses, because you've just found the longest cocktail list on this journey. This place is dim, mysterious and a little bit sexy much like some of my favourite Speakeasies in New York.  Also, they serve absinthe and like to set cocktails on fire, so I was totally into it.  This is a great place to check out with your boo or your best for a night cap.  It's pretty low key and somehow still feels kinda swank.