Monday, 16 November 2015

12 Trees at the Gardiner Museum

If I were to ask you to picture a Christmas tree I'm pretty sure I could guess what you're thinking.  It's some sort of pine tree covered in twinkling lights and ornaments.  You might even imagine a few wrapped boxes sitting under the tree.  Now what if I told you to scrap that image and that a Christmas tree could be anything you wanted? Well, that's how Dee Dee Eustace approached the artists for this year's 12 Trees exhibit at the Gardiner Museum and the results are spectacular! 

There is a glow of neon lights as a ballerina twirls and lightning crashes. That's probably not what you're expecting from a Christmas tree exhibit, but it's all here.  The artists have used wire, plexi-glass, mirror and old radiator parts to create their new trees.  It's amazing where creativity can go when it's given a little freedom. 

If those images are at all confusing to you, I can totally understand why.  I also think it's the perfect reason to go see the exhibit which runs until January 3, 2016.  If you're into parties, the trees will be featured at the G party, their annual fundraising gala.  Join me.  We can toast to art, a great holiday season and a little philanthropy.