Monday, 29 February 2016


It was my last day in Cape Town and the weather was perfect for a little beach getaway, so I hopped in the car with some girls I'd just met at breakfast and off we went to Muizenberg for some surf, sun and sand.  

So here I was in a car with three ladies I'd never met before, and never actually learned one of their names.  Not the best example of my manners game, but it happens.  Luckily we were all more interested in singing along to the radio and catching some rays then really getting to know each other.  

When we arrived in Muizenberg there was a parking lot on the edge of the beach, in front of the fish n' chips spot and next to the surf spot.  Excellent.  Everything we wanted was right there. 
Two of the girls went to rent some wet suits and boards,  I headed straight for some lunch and we all met on the sand.  It was the perfect day.  It was warm and sunny and the beach wasn't crowded at all.  We lay in the sun enjoying some much appreciated rest when we heard giggling coming from behind us. There was a group of teenage boys who had released a snake right by our towels and were giggling as it slithered towards us.  What neither they nor I had realized is that they had found a group of tomboys  who were not at all threatened by the presence of our new friend.  Much to the disappointment of these practical jokers, one of the girls picked up the snake and handed it back to them.  

The tide was pretty calm so it was great for anyone just trying surfing for the first time, assuming of course you weren't bothered by the shark warning.  EEP! As the sun began to set, our day at the beach came to an end.  We called an Uberand 45 minutes later were back in Cape Town never to hear from or see each other again. 

The quick cycle of travel relationships always amazes me.