Monday, 7 March 2016

A Mad Max moment in the Swakopmund desert

I'm a badass.  Well, at least that's what I told myself as I set off to go quad biking on an extremely windy day in the Namib desert where Mad Max was filmed.   I didn't even let the hair net and helmet combo detract from my new found hardcore self image.  Maybe that's why Charlize shaved her head? Hair nets are not flattering or particularly "gangster". 

Yes, I'm a little bit of a speed demon and yes sometimes I feel invincible, so maybe they had to tell me to slow down once or twice.  But the truth is racing around at the top of a sand dune with a strong crosswind can be a little scary.  It gets especially nerve-racking when you can feel yourself just starting to tip ever so slightly. 

Sand hurts. When you're travelling at (wait, why didn't those things have speedometers?) a quick pace and tiny little grains of sand are whipping around in every direction those little grains of sand can feel like small bits of glass.  Be warned.  Wear pants, long sleeves and a face mask.  

Sand boarding was also a part of the package on this day, but I had eaten so much sand already and climbing back up the dune with a board that would only act like a sail for the harsh winds hardly seemed like fun.  Besides, I'd already been sand-boarding in Australia so I didn't really feel like I was missing out on a huge experience. 

We were out on the dunes for a few hours before returning to the garage and heading back to the hotel.  There was sand EVERYWHERE, but we had so much fun!!!